Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Michael Brauer's Room - Mixing Mandi Perkins

A nice look around Michael Brauer's studio, loads of gear, and of course, Michael is a genius. He has given some great talks on his mixing techniques at TapeOpCon and in print, just search Google.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Muse 'Starlight' Live @ Abbey Road

This is from the series 'Live From Abbey Road,' so it's not technically an in-studio video, but it's cool anyway. If you dig it, search for "liva abbey road' on Youtube, there's lots of others.

Metallica Studio Stuff

This is interesting if you're a Metallica fan. Notice especially the use of a couple of Auratone's in lieu of headphones when tracking 'Enter Sandman.' There are lots of other Metallica studio videos on Youtube, if you're a fan.

Dead Kennedys In The Studio

There are several other songs on Youtube from this session. According to the poster, the master tape was lost, and the record re-recorded later. But it's cool to see a low-tech session, you can see the band was super tight, and even the audio on the video is pretty good!

Butch Vig on 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'

This is Butch Vig talking about 'Smells Like Teen Spirit,' while playing back some of the tracks from the session. Interesting, there are a few of these on Youtube, I believe they're from the Classic albums DVD on Nirvana. Great DVD if you're into Nirvana, etc.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Don Zientara Video Interview

Not Technically a video of a recording session, but Don's awesome, so check it out.

Tool In The Studio Recording Undertow

This is a three part video, quality kinds sucks, but it's interesting to see the setups, etc:

Part One on Youtube

Part Two on Youtube

Part Three on Youtube

Tom Cary recording with Steve Albini

Another band with Steve Albini. Why 2 Albini posts? Well, he's just an awesome engineer, and it's fun to watch him work. But I promise it won't be ALL Albini!

Phonovectra - Recording with Steve Albini

This is a Danish band (I think) recording with (who else?) Steve Albini. Very interesting to watch. Fun stuff!


This blog will be a collection of some of my favorite in-studio videos, with various bands and engineers. While I may add one or two of my own work, I'm really just using this to sort of bookmark the ones I find online, and to share them with my friends, etc.

So! You're in luck if you're into recording, enjoy!